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SKYPE: Entrepreneur Grows Business Remotely


For entrepreneur Amy McIlwain, Skype means freedom to pursue her passions, both for business and for travel. “My goal is to be able to live and work anywhere in the world,” McIlwain says.“With tools like Skype I’m able to do that.”

“We’re in a whole new era of businesses that are virtual,” says McIlwain. During her first year in business she traveled and worked remotely, growing the company while spending a few months each in various spots.

Whether she’s abroad or at her Denver office, McIlwain remains on the lookout for ways to add value for her clients. She recently started counseling some on how to use Skype in their businesses. When one financial advisor explained that older clients hesitate to make financial decisions without speaking to their children, McIlwain helped his firm get set up with Skype, to allow clients to quickly consult with loved ones from a television screen in their advisor’s office.